Prof. Sangita Srivastava,
Prof. Sangita Srivastava
Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor

University of Allahabad

Shri Ajay Shankar
Shri Ajay Shankar (IAS)
Chairman, Governing Body

ISPG College

Prof. Anand Shanker Singh
Prof. Anand Shanker Singh
Director, UGC- MMTTC

Principal, ISPG College

Tentative Schedule of the Programme 2024-25

Sr No Training Program ID From Date To Date Convener Action
1 MMC-100-2024-APR-A-01438 08-04-2024 17-04-2024 DR. VED PRAKASH MISHRA
+91 9936972082
Completed Brochure
2 MMC-100-2024-APR-B-01654 20-04-2024 30-04-2024 DR. RUCHI GUPTA
+91 9415021580
On Going Brochure

Tentative Schedule of the Programme 2023-24

Sr No Training Program ID From Date To Date Convener Action
1 MMC-100-2023-NOV-B-00399 21-11-2023 30-11-2023 Dr. Avinash Pandey
+91 8318327406
Completed Brochure
2 MMC-100-2023-DEC-A-00400 08-12-2023 21-12-2023 Dr. Vikas Kumar
+91 9931604717
Completed Brochure
3 MMC-100-2023-DEC-B-00401 16-12-2023 29-12-2023 Dr. Uday Pratap Singh
+91 8766626467
Completed Brochure
4 MMC-100-2024-JAN-A-00402 04-01-2024 17-01-2024 DR. SHIV JI VERMA
+91 9889877031
Completed Brochure
5 MMC-100-2024-JAN-B-00403 17-01-2024 30-01-2024 DR. SHAISTA IRSHAD
+91 9454240238
Completed Brochure
6 MMC-100-2024-FEB-A-00404 07-02-2024 15-02-2024 DR. HARSHMANI SINGH
+91 9140256381
Completed BrochureNOC
7 MMC-100-2024-FEB-B-00405 20-02-2024 29-02-2024 DR. VIJAY TIWARI
+91 9839286830
Completed Brochure
8 MMC-100-2024-MAR-A-00406 06-03-2024 15-03-2024 DR. VIVEKA NAND TRIPATH
+91 9958964235
Completed Brochure
9 MMC-100-2024-MAR-B-00407 18-03-2024 31-03-2024 DR. NARENDRA KR. SINGH
+91 9455792364
Completed Brochure

About the Programme

The NEP orientation & sensitization programme will be conducted by 111 MMTT Centres in fully online mode with the target of 15 lakh faculty members over the period of three years (2023-24 to 2025-26). This Programme will be delivered through 111 MMTT Centres. Two programmes will be conducted in a month catering 200 participants. The motive of the programme is to sensitize and orient the participants to these 8 themes. On the completion of the programme, faculty members would receive the certificate.

Latest Updates

Proposed Outcome of the Programme

  • Faculty members will get trained to impart holistic education, imbibing the ideals of India-centric ethics and human values.
  • Teachers and Learners will acquire the concept of the Indian Knowledge System to apply it in real life for the advancement and creation of knowledge.
  • The learners would be able to generate new ideas/materials with a multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary thinking approach.
  • The learners will develop critical thinking and problem solving skills in a socio-cultural milieu.
  • The learners will develop an understanding of the preservation of biodiversity.
  • The learners will develop an inclination towards conducting quality research, to solve local, national, and global problems through innovation and entrepreneurial skills.
  • The learners would become reflective practitioners.
  • The learners will develop the capacity to integrate ICT tools into the learning process.
  • The learners will realize their role in institution building.

Schedule of the Programme

The NEP orientation and sensitization programme will be an eight day programme, with two live online sessions of 90 minutes each based on the eight NEP-2020 themes starting from Monday to Friday (Week 1) and Monday to Wednesday (Week 2). MCQs will have to be completed by the Saturday of each week which will comprise 5 questions related to themes.

General Guidelines for Participants

  • All the programmes organised by UGC-MMTT Centre, Iswar Saran PG College, Prayagraj would be conducted under the aegis and guidance of Ministry of Education, Govt. of India.
  • All the programmes conducted by UGC-MMTT Centre would be monitored on 'Real Time' basis.
  • This UGC MMTT Programme would be conducted in 8 days having 16 sessions (90 minute each). It would be mandatory to join each session of the programme.presence of each participant would be monitored by the centre as well as secured by UGC Portal through the medium of Auto Capture.
  • Candidates should login on Google MEET during the session by their respective names as filled on UGC registration portal of training programme for attendance purpose.
  • The presence of Participants is mandatory in all the sessions (Attendance is compulsory for all the sessions) of the programme. If any participant fail to join any session, they would obtain the certificate of the programme only when they complete the particular missed out theme session in some other programme and inform the Director of the Centre with proper evidence.
  • The Profile has to updated by uploading participant's photo, NOC Certificate and college ID. In case of non compliance, certificate would not be issued.
  • Participants are expected to successfully complete all the tasks/assignments assigned to them learning the programme.
  • Assessment of the participants would be done on the basis of multiple choice questions which would be conducted on the last day of the programme and its mandatory for all the participants to successfully complete it.
  • Participants are expected to fill the feedback form which would be provided by the Centre after the successful completion of the programme.
  • An E-Certificate would be issued only to the participants who have successfully participated in the programme, completed all the assignments, passed the assessment and filled the feedback form.
  • Participants from all over India are expected to join this programme. Therefore, it is expected from the participants to strictly adhere to the guidelines given by the centre and the programme Convener and peacefully cooperate in the successful completion of the programme.
  • For any other relevant information kindly contact Dr. Manoj Kumar Dubey, Assistant Director, UGC-MMTTC E-mail : ad.mmcispgc@isdc.ac.in

NEP Orientation Programme Themes

Academic Leadership, Governance, and Management
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Holistic and Multidisciplinary Education
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Higher Education and Society
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Indian Knowledge System
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Information and Communication Technology
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Research and Development
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Skill Development
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Student Diversity and Inclusive Education
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